f-cell takes the next step插图f-cell at Messe Stuttgart starting in 2022 / Conference and trade fair expands portfolio / Politics and industry emphasize importance

Technologies, applications, markets: Messe Stuttgart is expanding its conference and trade fair portfolio with f-cell. On October 4-5, 2022, participants will learn all about the state of research and can discover concrete application examples from practice. "For all those who focus on a secure energy supply, industrial applications in production processes and clean mobility, f-cell is an indispensable industry meeting point from which impulses emanate throughout the world," explains Roland Bleinroth, CEO of Messe Stuttgart. Developers, top manufacturing companies, experts from research centers and users in search of concrete solutions, as well as representatives from politics, business and society, meet at the leading event, which has been established for over 20 years. Bleinroth emphasizes: "The need for a leading international platform like f-cell is growing, because developments in the HFC (hydrogen and fuel cell) sectors are advancing rapidly and the current investment behavior of government agencies and companies is fueling this. We would therefore like to continue and further develop the success story of f-cell". The team of the previous organizer, Peter Sauber Agentur, also moved to Messe Stuttgart on October 1, 2021. The bundling of competencies in the area of international perspectives, networking, conference/trade fair know-how and, last but not least, the modern exhibition center in the heart of Europe will lift f-cell to the next level as Europe's leading event for hydrogen and fuel cells.

Politicians emphasize importance of hydrogen and fuel cells

Thekla Walker, Minister of Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector Baden-Württemberg, confirms: "Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are indispensable for a climate-friendly energy world. Only with them can we decarbonize the economy and drastically reduce harmful CO2 emissions to be able to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees." At the same time, she stressed that it is crucial, especially for Baden-Württemberg as a location for industry and innovation, that companies based here are global leaders. This not only secures prosperity and jobs, but also contributes to exporting hydrogen and fuel technologies and advancing climate protection worldwide. Walker adds, "Messe Stuttgart plays a major role in this with f-cell, providing the necessary platform for companies, research and politics to network with each other in the best possible way."

Hydrogen as an energy carrier offers a real opportunity for the future not only for climate protection, but also for the economy in Baden-Württemberg. This is also confirmed by Franz Loogen, President of the state agency e-mobil BW: "For more than ten years, e-mobil BW has been advancing the topic of fuel cells and hydrogen technology, among other things in the Fuel Cell BW cluster. With Plattform H2BW, the activities are taking on a more concrete form." According to Loogen, the opportunities offered by industrial manufacturing, including for medium-sized companies, extend across a wide range of trades and materials. This makes it all the more important for Messe Stuttgart to represent Baden-Württemberg's importance as a research and manufacturing location in hydrogen technology to national and international guests with f-cell in its new setting. "In the future, e-mobil BW will provide specialist support to Landesmesse Stuttgart in this regard," Loogen continued.

The special significance of f-cell in this context is underlined by Dr. Walter Rogg, Managing Director of Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS): "For more than 20 years, f-cell has been one of the most important industry meetings on the topic of fuel cells and – increasingly in the future – on the topic of the hydrogen economy in Europe and beyond." For the WRS, he said, it is crucial to place the Stuttgart region and the state of Baden-Württemberg on the "fuel cell map" internationally with this event. The move to Messe Stuttgart is therefore a logical step. "Just as the hydrogen economy and fuel cells are stepping out of the niche and finally being introduced broadly into the market, f-cell will be stepping onto the big stage in 2022, following the development of this young industry as a whole," adds Dr. Rogg.

Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, Managing Director of NOW GmbH: "f-cell is a permanent fixture in the calendar of every hydrogen and fuel cell technology player. Messe Stuttgart offers a modern trade fair center and bundles competencies in the area of internationality, networking as well as event know-how."

The feedback from previous partners has also been very positive and confirms the decision.

Maike Heyn-Schares, Head of Marketing & Communication, SOFC Project, Bosch: "We appreciate f-cell as a trade fair to show our technology competence in the field of fuel cells and to exchange ideas with stakeholders. The move to Messe Stuttgart offers the opportunity to enlarge the event and thus provide a platform for more international exhibitors and visitors."

Dr. Karsten McGovern, President, LEA LandesEnergieAgentur Hessen: "The future with green hydrogen – how our residents want to advance the hydrogen economy – is shown by companies from our region at our f-cell joint booth. f-cell offers us the ideal platform for this and we are already looking forward to being there."

Kim Eisfeld, Lead Marketing & Communication, cellcentric: "f-cell has a very high value for us as one of the most important trade fairs. Here we welcome an international audience for networking, knowledge transfer and recruiting. For us, the move of f-cell to Messe Stuttgart is a logical development of the trade fair concept in terms of reach and internationality, but also better logistical accessibility. We are already looking forward to the date in October 2022."

Fabian Kapp, Managing Director, Graebener: "There is a lot of movement in the market for hydrogen and fuel cells right now, and there is a spirit of optimism. f-cell offers an optimal platform to get an overview of the current market situation and to establish valuable customer contacts. We welcome the move of f-cell to Messe Stuttgart and expect an expansion of the range of exhibits as well as a stronger international focus."

About f-cell

Founded in 2001, f-cell is one of the oldest and most important international trade events for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry. It offers a comprehensive overview of relevant international markets and technological advances. Visitors make contacts and meet decision-makers here. The interactive format provides an ideal platform for experts and newcomers to build sustainable business relationships. The f-cell Award honors innovative hydrogen and fuel cell projects and technologies and is supported by the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector Baden-Württemberg. f-cell consists of an international trade fair, a top-class conference, interactive workshops and the celebratory evening event with award ceremony. The next f-cell will take place on October 4-5, 2022 in Stuttgart.


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