The first International Trade Fair for Industrialization of Hydrogen Industry and Fuel Cell Technology (f-cell China) will be held in Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center from December 1 to 3 in 2022. The supporting programme includes the 6th Shanghai-Stuttgart Symposium on Automotive and Powertrain Technology and f-cell China Roadshow on hydrogen technology. We look forward to meeting you!

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f-cell, a professional brand exhibition focusing on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies owned by Messe Stuttgart, was launched by Peter Sauber Agentur in 2001. Engaged in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for over 2 decades, f-cell has built up a strong reputation thanks to its brand influence and professional exhibition services. f-cell has become a leading display platform for global hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and has established a close cooperative relationship with global renowned hydrogen and fuel cell associations such as German Mechanical Engineering Association (VDMA), E-mobil BW, the Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Association (APHA), Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA), Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association of America (FCHEA). In addition, f-cell assists the German federal government to organize the national exhibitor groups for FC EXPO in Japan for 18 times. f-cell Canada is this year also in its 6th edition, supporting companies in North America. Up till now, over 200 hydrogen and fuel cell companies have announced their participation in f-cell Germany this year.

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In the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, over 600 fuel cell vehicles including over 100 hydrogen fuel cell buses were put into use. Surpassing this mark in both number and variety, the fuel cell vehicles in 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics numbered over 1,000 for demonstration operations, including 145 passenger cars, 749 buses and coaches and 107 barrier-free vehicles for the disabled. It is notable that China’s first "Yellow River X7" hydrogen fuel cell truck provided green power supply for the venues, which marked the world’s first business application of hydrogen power technology (hydrogen fuel cell) in super-large scale. We are now at a crucial stage when hydrogen and fuel cell technologies will embrace industrialization and marketization. The presence of f-cell as a specialized brand exhibition in Shanghai will provide a more professional communication and exchange platform for exhibitors and visitors.


More specialized: focusing on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies   

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f-cell China will present hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, discuss technology commercialization, explore market-wide application of hydrogen and cost-effective methods for its industrialization. Focus areas include:

  • Fuel cells and technologies
  • Production, transport and storage of hydrogen
  • Recycling and use of hydrogen infrastructures
  • Solutions to hydrogen powertrains
  • Hydrogen vehicle system
  • Hydrogen applications
  • Processing and manufacturing technologies

More fascinating: be part of a more diversified event

  • The 6th Shanghai-Stuttgart Symposium on Automotive and Powertrain Technology
    Co-organizer: Tongji University
    Address: Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center
    Date: Dec. 1-2, 2022
    Approx. 300 technical experts from premium automotive OEMs around the globe
    1 main forum and 4 technical sub-forums
  • f-cell China Roadshow on hydrogen technology
    Date: Apr. to Sept. 2022
    Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Zhejiang......

More valuable: Three exhibitions integrate resources and deliver a synergistic experience.

Hydrogen ushers in a bright future! f-cell debuts in China插图3We remain committed to providing upgraded services for the exhibitors thanks to the resource advantages of three exhibitions taking place once a year in three leading locations around the world: f-cell in China, f-cell in Germany and f-cell in Canada.

  • International cooperation promotes industrial development.
    We are devoted to promoting the international cooperation among the governments, industries and associations in Europe, China, North America and other important geographical areas. By this means, we aim to deepen the insights into the industry, enhance the strategic industrialization capabilities and provide a professional, and international platform for the development of hydrogen and fuel cell industry in all countries.
  • Matchmaking builds bridges of cooperation and connection.
    We will organize effective conferences in line with the needs of suppliers, distributors and agents, etc. to help build up a professional cooperation community for exhibitors.
  • The interaction among the three exhibitions boosts brand benefits.
    The enterprise that participates in any f-cell exhibition can have access to the publicity of brand and products in the other two exhibitions and all-round supporting services to exhibit there.

Hydrogen ushers in a bright future! f-cell debuts in China插图4More targeted: targeted invitations in the vertical field
f-cell China will invite big names in hydrogen industry and create an international premium exhibition. We will help you connect with the suppliers, distributors, agents and franchisers in the largest hydrogen application market around the globe to experience the diverse top-level hydrogen industry exhibition.

Hydrogen ushers in a bright future! f-cell China is committed to providing a more professional platform to boost exchanges among upstream and downstream enterprises, facilitate the development of hydrogen and fuel cell industry and shape a new industrial ecology.

More engagement: Exhibition applications for 2022 are now available!
Applications for 2022 f-cell are now available. Join us to be updated on the latest global trend of hydrogen and fuel cell industry and be engaged in the fantastic exchange platform. Please feel free to contact us for services in advance.