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Date: 1-2 December 2022
Organizer: Messe Stuttgart
Venue: Crowne Plaza Shanghai Anting

No. 6555 Boyuan Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

Opening hours(exhibitor): 08:30-17:00
Opening hours(visitor): 09:00-17:00


Messe Stuttgart enjoys a global reputation for its unique exhibition positioning and exceptional quality. At present, its industrial exhibitions include AMB, Moulding EXPO, VISION, LASYS, LogiMAT and other well-known exhibitions, covering industrial 4.0, advanced manufacturing technology, metal processing and other high-end industrial science and technology fields. The f-cell Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference and Trade Fair officially entered into the Messe Stuttgart industrial exhibition family in 2021, and further enriched Messe Stuttgart's layout in the energy field.

In 2001, when Mr. Peter Sauber launched the f-cell, hydrogen and fuel cell technology was still in its infancy, a new, premature theoretical and technological experiment on a global scale that was not widely used. f-cell is an exhibition and conference for manufacturers and industrial users to let the world know about the latest technologies and applications of hydrogen and fuel cells. F-cell has gone global from Stuttgart, Germany: f-cell assisted the German federal government in organizing German National Pavilion at Japan FC EXPO up to 18 editions, and in 2015 launched the f-cell Ca in Canada. For 20 years, f-cell have witnessed the evolution and advancement of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology.

As with any new products, hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology have gone through a long initial phase since the concept was put forward. After more than a decade of technology accumulation, hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology have moved from the slow lane to the highway. As one of the most important hydrogen producers in the world, the Chinese government has long attached great importance to the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies. Hydrogen fuel cells are also an important direction of China's automobile power system transformation and upgrading and new energy vehicle strategy. According to the Made in China 2025 Plan for the development of the fuel cell vehicle industry, the construction of hydrogen fueling stations and other supporting infrastructure shall be completed in 2025.

In January 2022, China will place 3,000 hydrogen-powered buses at the site of the Winter Olympic Games to meet the travel needs of attendees and spectators, marking the first large-scale commercial application of hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology in the world. In the key period of industrialization and marketization of hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology, f-cell will be located in Shanghai, the core city of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry in China.

f-cell China International Trade Fair for Industrialization of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology will debut in Shanghai, China, on December 1-3, 2022, as part of the f-cell global brand. f-cell China will bring China's hydrogen and fuel cell industries technologies and application solutions covering hydrogen energy infrastructure, fuel cell vehicle manufacturing, fuel cell assembly design and development, core components, advanced materials and processes of fuel cells, and hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen transportation, hydrogenation and application.

We look forward to sharing with you in Shanghai " Energizing Hydrogen Business"!